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April Summers gag reflex vomit

April 13th, 2016 | by Porn Bloopers | 59,850 views

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This is a mixture of funny and sympathy. At the beginning of the porn scene she throws up in her mouth and runs to spit it out in the kitchen. (What I want to know is, who the fuck are those people just sitting at the table during the shoot?) She should have just quit there, but instead she keeps the show going. Dude… what’s it like sticking your dick in a mouth filled with gastric acid?

After some more mouth fucking, she gags again, only this time it’s for keeps… her messy sick gets everywhere and she has to take a shower to get it off. Nasty but funny!

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12 Responses to “April Summers gag reflex vomit”

  1. By TijuanaPat 'It's in my fucking eye! Cracked me up ;-))'
  2. By NewAgeHitler 'Is that an old lady at 00:10 lol dirty hag'
  3. By Anonymous 'THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM? wtf.'
  4. By ... 'Why give blowjobs with a sensitive gag reflex?'
  5. By Peter Chao 'dats gooud!!'
  6. By harrsh 'dont get it on the couch!'
  7. By Kyle 'There people in the room wthhh man?'
  8. By someguuuy 'i swear...i SWEAR..thats a gran in the background?'
  9. By bob 'dude thats descusting'
  10. By dee 'she gagged her self'
  11. By dudeee 'hahaha thers a grandma in the background!!! at 00;11'
  12. By nananana 'where's the scene from?'

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