Beware of gas when spreading ass

I don't know how, but this guy didn't miss a beat. He's kissing and spreading her ass when she cuts a fart right in his face. He just says he likes it and keeps going!

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  1. WTF?! Why would you still eat her ass when some foreign green space liquid was coming out of her gaping ass?!?!?!

  2. The best one that was sick. when he made a fart noise and then she shit it sounded the same like a ecco

  3. Wen she farts some of the shit hits the camera! Eww! Aahha. Nice to know he like it though…

  4. ewwwww! did anyone else she the green watery shit liquid hit the camera lens!!!! I just pucked a little!!!

  5. lmao he makes the first fart with his mouth and she follows right after with her ass. priceless.

  6. Ew, that was fuckin gross, that wasn’t just any fart, it was wet, n it went down into her pussy *vomits*

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