Jim Slip’s dick hit by cactus

I don't know who had the bright idea of putting a cactus in a porn shoot, but it is only just that Murphy's Law strikes with a vengeance. They're both naked, with the cactus plant between them, when it's knocked over and hits Jim Slip right in his dick. Ouch, dude! He drops the camera and curses in pain, and the only thing funnier than this is his comment 'The fuckin cactus got me fuckin dick ya stupid slag!' Hahaha! This became my instant favorite funny porn video!

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  1. I’m mad he then proceeded to cuss out the CACTUS like it was the cactus fault it was placed 2″ from his penis.

  2. lol the funniest thing about this vid is the face there was a random cactus in between them

  3. STILL wondering where the cactus was SUPPOSED to sting anyways, being between their legs an all

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