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Porn actors stumble into pool during blowjob scene

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DUDE! This deepthroating pornstar is suddenly interrupted at this shoot for Ass Traffic when guy #2 tries to cut in by pushing guy #1 into the pool, only he’s holding onto her hair so tightly that they both fall in! She seems pretty pissed! That guy won’t be getting anything today.

29 Responses to “Porn actors stumble into pool during blowjob scene”

  1. By Anonymous 'funny shit!'
  2. By lolizer 'hahaha the bitch went too'
  3. By ohr 'oh! if u pause the frames u will see she landed on her face! FACE FUCK'
  4. By hsh 'oh look she banged her hed on the floor!!'
  5. By james 'she didnt bang her head'
  6. By hsh 'Yes she did james!! You Slag!!'
  7. By nooneimportant 'actually she doesnt'
  8. By wtf? 'nah she uses her hand to break the impact..not her head'
  9. By OMG 'That hurted! Look at her hair ^^'
  10. By Listen 'All you hear is "I wanna fuck you" then the dude throws the chick and other dude into the pool'
  11. By LOL 'LOL It's the Best Video !! xD'
  12. By hmmm 'not even funny tbh'
  13. By lol 'tht shit was jus to funny'
  14. By ???? 'grimmy u should of went inside wither atleast'
  15. By wow 'hahaha'
  17. By Haxagor 'She didn't land on her face, her arms are down, but it looks like it cause of the way it's shaped.'
  18. By LOL 'I Was her arm not her head'
  19. By hghf 'they all had bonners'
  20. By kingstd 'yeah even the girl :P'
  21. By Matt 'thats some funny shit'
  22. By mizo 'hhh funny'
  23. By lola 'LOL !!!!!!!!!!'
  24. By oOokitenoOo 'wooooooooow!!!!!'
  25. By twat 'she does not look impressed'
  26. By sam 'lol'
  27. By marcus 'that was not funny lol'
  28. By HunBoy 'Hungarian people fuck yeah'
  29. By schoko 'goood'

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Cute porn actress loses her head during sex

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I had to watch this quite a few times before I was all laughed out. As this cute porn actress is getting banged from behind for Ass Traffic, she slowly slips down into the corner with each thrust until her whole head disappears. Make sure you watch the expression on her face as she suddenly realizes what’s happening! LOL!

34 Responses to “Cute porn actress loses her head during sex”

  1. By Anonymous 'lmao'
  2. By lolizer 'this must be grudge it has got to be'
  3. By phill 'you cant get any funnier'
  4. By a 'nice tits'
  5. By shitttt 'Woops!'
  6. By moneyman 'ahah he keeps on fuking her ass even tho she disaperas ahah'
  7. By joeblow 'why can't i ever find hot girls in my couch..............DAMNIT!'
  8. By simon 'girl : hey there's a nickel under here!'
  9. By WTF 'HAHAHA'
  11. By Haha 'Yes there you go!'
  12. By jvjkzd;d 'holy shit thats funny'
  13. By BlowGrrrrl 'Yeah, nice tits. But not very funny. I have nicer tits anyway I can squeeze and rub my tits anytime I want. I take both dick and vaginas :P Luv 'em both :) I wish you guys could rub and suck 'n fuck my pussy so good. Go to Raven Riley and check out her free vids. They're so hot! She is smokin hot and I wish I could fuck with her and rub our tits and pussies together :P'
  14. By Shit head 'I love tits'
  15. By Anonymous 'niiiceeee'
  16. By mf 'just destroy her anal'
  17. By Anonymous 'hahaha'
  18. By HI :D 'WTF hahaha'
  19. By Anonymous 'fuckin hilarious, love how he didnt give a fuck'
  20. By greg 'hey, whats this hoes name?'
  21. By eroolt 'haha sexy ye'
  22. By crystal 'ahh fuckin funny'
  23. By dude 'wtf is he fuckin her on lol'
  24. By CumSlut 'girl: 'so that's where the TV remote ended up...''
  25. By oh_high 'this is soooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha lol (i would still fuck the shit out of her'
  26. By Derek 'wow hoe odd'
  27. By Biggus Dickus 'you have got to admire his concentration'
  28. By theman 'haha nice tits'
  29. By Spankable 'Who cares it's not the head getting fucked. Smuther the screams so old lady jonson next door don't call the landlady.'
  30. By MasterOfAnal 'That was fucking funny, and he didn't even notice lolz'
  31. By yoyo 'she's sahara knite'
  32. By wanking 'haha he still kept fucking like nothing happened'
  33. By joke '=))'
  34. By rich 'a paper bag work too, however its not as funny. i will have to give this a try instead.'

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Long legged blonde falls right on her ass

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Poor poor Stacy. This long legged blonde is trying to model all sexy like before her hardcore shoot for All Internal. All she has on is a tie and some giant stripper heels when she starts her runway walk on the hard tile floor. After only a few steps she loses her footing and takes a naked tumble right on her ass. Even the cameraman laughs it’s so funny!

25 Responses to “Long legged blonde falls right on her ass”

  1. By lolizer 'lol check out how fake all porns are actually haha'
  2. By NewAgeHitler 'baby giraffe'
  3. By Thamburan 'Wat an acrobatic skill...u should c it in slow motion.......!!'
  4. By GenerationX 'dont smile =))'
  5. By the fany 'hahahahahaahahahahah'
  6. By honry 'man love your boobs i wish you can give me a bj'
  7. By bigballman 'i want to fuck you'
  8. By Anonymous 'hahaaaaa, wonderful!'
  9. By Pwned '<--My Name.'
  10. By epic 'Fail'
  12. By erooolt 'hahahahaha'
  13. By brokoly 'hajajajajajjaa blondy!'
  14. By fuck deprived 'well you may like the floor but i have something else in mind for you to fall on...'
  15. By ahaha 'ahahahahahah lollll thats cute.. :P " dont smilleeeee"'
  16. By blonds '<--what did u expect?'
  17. By she's 'a really hot babe!'
  18. By Anonymous 'she's so beautiful'
  19. By jamesisgay 'prahhhh she felll over'
  20. By haha 'i no wonder she is blond'
  21. By Anonymous 'hahaaa'
  22. By that one guy 'baby deer legs right there'
  23. By Andy '"Have you had a slip or fall in the past 3 years that wasn't your fault...."'
  24. By lowbob 'fail!'
  25. By jessi 'hahah cute! poor girl i fall all the time though :D'

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Paging Dr Spider Monkey

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Is this guy on drugs? He banging this girl from behind at Electricity Play and she’s moaning like she’s into it, and he goes into his impression of a sex crazed spider monkey. Is this some sex position I’ve never heard of? OMG IT IS, I just looked it up. Ah, the things you can learn from funny porn videos…

31 Responses to “Paging Dr Spider Monkey”

  1. By the dude 'wtf lol'
  2. By teehee 'dumbass animal sounds? really? haha'
  3. By Adolf 'hahaha! x'D! rofl'
  4. By Anonymous 'lol wtf'
  5. By omg 'omfg, i am lost for words on that shit'
  6. By edward 'hahahahahhahah x'D'
  7. By what the F###k 'lol spider monkey that shit lol'
  8. By Anonymous 'what the fuck a monkey'
  9. By freemen 'lmao just an average family...'
  10. By Anonymous 'LOLFUCKINGWAT'
  12. By Anonymous 'Porn is fucking evil'
  13. By dude '"chip, i'll come at you like a SPIDER MONKEY' LMAO!'
  14. By andrea 'hahahha LOL'
  15. By Cutegirl5592 'omg this is so fucking funny cuz its stupid lol i would bitch slap that man'
  16. By Anonymous 'LMFAO!!!!!'
  17. By wow 'she stoped after that lmfaooo wierdo'
  18. By what dee helll 'dang wtf nananananannaaaaaaaaa lol'
  19. By rjul 'to good !!!1'
  20. By Best_Pussy_Eva 'Fucking ASS!!! lol'
  21. By TomboyMetalHead 'Fail!'
  22. By ninja 'awesome.'
  23. By swarm 'If you plan to do this to your mrs check two things. The doors open and your shoes are tied. lol.'
  24. By SpiderMonkey 'If you don't go spider monkey durring sex u fail... -__-'
  27. By masteng 'fuckin crapp..'
  28. By bob 'he should be in a zoo!'
  29. By hkg 'meet the fockers got it on'
  31. By SMD 'Fucked him stupid'

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Camera guy also useful as washcloth

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Miss picky notices some weird black stuff on his dick, so what does he do? First he blames his jeans, then he WIPES it on the camera man. He cries foul while she proclaims it to be awesome and funny. Personally I don’t think he flips out enough – he must be used to this funny stuff.

6 Responses to “Camera guy also useful as washcloth”

  1. By s7s 'goo tits'
  2. By poop 'owned'
  3. By philly 'great tittiess'
  4. By suchandsuch 'Who is this girl???'
  5. By cocksandwich 'nice tits'
  6. By i lik girls 'i want fuck this fucking girl'

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