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April Summers gag reflex vomit

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This is a mixture of funny and sympathy. At the beginning of the porn scene she throws up in her mouth and runs to spit it out in the kitchen. (What I want to know is, who the fuck are those people just sitting at the table during the shoot?) She should have just quit there, but instead she keeps the show going. Dude… what’s it like sticking your dick in a mouth filled with gastric acid?

After some more mouth fucking, she gags again, only this time it’s for keeps… her messy sick gets everywhere and she has to take a shower to get it off. Nasty but funny!

11 Responses to “April Summers gag reflex vomit”

  1. By TijuanaPat 'It's in my fucking eye! Cracked me up ;-))'
  2. By NewAgeHitler 'Is that an old lady at 00:10 lol dirty hag'
  3. By Anonymous 'THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM? wtf.'
  4. By ... 'Why give blowjobs with a sensitive gag reflex?'
  5. By Peter Chao 'dats gooud!!'
  6. By harrsh 'dont get it on the couch!'
  7. By Kyle 'There people in the room wthhh man?'
  8. By someguuuy 'i swear...i SWEAR..thats a gran in the background?'
  9. By bob 'dude thats descusting'
  10. By dee 'she gagged her self'
  11. By dudeee 'hahaha thers a grandma in the background!!! at 00;11'

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Jim Slip’s dick hit by cactus

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I don’t know who had the bright idea of putting a cactus in a porn shoot, but it is only just that Murphy’s Law strikes with a vengeance. They’re both naked, with the cactus plant between them, when it’s knocked over and hits Jim Slip right in his dick. Ouch, dude! He drops the camera and curses in pain, and the only thing funnier than this is his comment ‘The fuckin cactus got me fuckin dick ya stupid slag!’ Hahaha! This became my instant favorite funny porn video!

50 Responses to “Jim Slip’s dick hit by cactus”

  1. By TijuanaPat 'Stupid is letting the Slag get the cactus that close to his dick'
  2. By Cheech 'omg i cant stop laughing its his accent that makes it so funny'
  3. By :0 'hahaha what a dick head'
  4. By lmao 'omg that freaking hurts'
  5. By 12 incher 'lol why the fuck is there a cactus there in the first place lol omg imagine the pain lol'
  6. By cactus? 'i know!!! lets have sex while holding a cactus!!'
  7. By spiky 'good idea! let's put a cactus in between us and have sex around it!'
  8. By Ash 'Bet he feels a right prick xD'
  9. By Anonymous 'XD'
  10. By Thamburan 'nw he got so many'
  11. By JOHN 'ya wanna know why they called me cactus dick?'
  12. By WTF 'OUCH !!!'
  14. By JOint 'ahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahah'
  15. By Dude 'He's British, you can tell by his accent and i'm also british so...'
  16. By OMG! 'OUCH!!'
  17. By blazer 'i have been laughing for a half hour straight. i keep watching it over and over again-weed'
  18. By FUCK THE UK 'LMAO XD his accent makes this shit sooo funny'
  20. By Retard 'lmao oh wow what would there be a cactus there xD and the slut was like oh uh wat'
  23. By Anonymous 'Cactus porn is an under rated genre'
  24. By babegurlluv 'wat an ass'
  25. By blazeup 'hahahah i cant stop laughing-kush'
  27. By Joe 'I'm mad he then proceeded to cuss out the CACTUS like it was the cactus fault it was placed 2" from his penis.'
  28. By OMGeez 'lol, the chick was just there smilin pleasantly, sayin 'oh oh,ah''
  29. By TheOnlyRationalManOnThisWebsite 'That's not a cactus, you dumbasses. ;-) It's a Pachypodium... -->'
  30. By LOLLING! 'That is the fucking funniest video on this site ever!'
  31. By Peter Chao 'lucky bastard'
  32. By HATE BRITS! 'Bloody Cactus hit me Bloody Tallywhacker go tell mum!'
  33. By penis 'ahh thats gotta hurt'
  34. By Lolworthy 'this chick is boring, woah look at that sexy cact........OW u bloody slag'
  35. By LOL 'The cactus just wanted to give him a blowjob :D'
  36. By opsman 'What a bunch of idiots, what were they thinking? This is some funny shit.'
  37. By 2 inch dav 'his a prick'
  38. By Lolz x 1000000000 'Oh fuck! Too fucking funny!'
  39. By bob 'wtf a cactus? that must hurt to fuckin hell!'
  40. By so 'hhhhhhhhhhhhh its sofunny'
  41. By wtflmao 'i almost died laughing cuz of his accent.'
  42. By lol 'damn'
  43. By lololol 'tthe cactus had his best time in his life :)'
  44. By FunnyDude 'OMG LOL stupid dick ahaha kids dont try that at home :p'
  45. By rofl 'i know that hurt'
  46. By someone 'lol the funniest thing about this vid is the face there was a random cactus in between them'
  47. By bizarro 'STILL wondering where the cactus was SUPPOSED to sting anyways, being between their legs an all'
  48. By ada 'ROFL'
  49. By wtflol 'So... is the cactus ok? :)'
  50. By gravychicken 'you can hear the split second oh no in his voice then the i just got stabbed yell'

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Now this is a firehose cumshot

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Poor girl, she probably just wants this whole thing to be over, but this isn’t the ending she was expecting. With a few handy jerks, his cock rips out a stream of heavy cum that flies everywhere, including in her hair. Whoops! Click here to see more girls giving handjobs.

15 Responses to “Now this is a firehose cumshot”

  1. By Anonymous 'You Don't need a shampoo though !'
  2. By Moshe 'I find it not so funny but enthralling. Our marital sex includes such scenes. I think it is quite common.'
  3. By pussyman 'WOW this is superman !'
  4. By Kyle 'loll'
  5. By qwerty 'i gave that cum shot'
  7. By bob 'fuckin cum god'
  8. By OpTic Predator 'I'm so short.'
  9. By Me 'How do I get to the vid?'
  10. By Nokey 'Woo tap dat ass'
  11. By sowrong '@ AHA you made my day XD'
  12. By ? 'So? Whats so funny about that?'
  13. By lol 'Pow... right in the kissa!'
  14. By rich 'just a normal saturday morning for me and my favorite girl'
  15. By Uhh '"Hey, boring girl, sit indian style while I hose your face off..."'

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Glory hole girl overdoes it and bangs her head

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Being a glory hole girl is fraught with danger! Like when this over eager cocksucker bangs her head against the partition on a particularly vicious down stroke. She should get danger pay.

12 Responses to “Glory hole girl overdoes it and bangs her head”

  1. By John 'There are real places like this? no way'
  2. By Kreg 'Yeah, they were in practically every adult video place, back before the internet when you had to buy your porn or watch it in a private theater.'
  3. By Jerry 'yea full of men wanting to suck no women !!!!'
  4. By haha 'SHES BLOND'
  5. By Mac 'I want!'
  6. By rizwan 'vary good'
  7. By FATASSMISTER 'He pulled out.'
  8. By Yo ! 'Fuck You From Romania !:))'
  9. By Yo !! 'Im from Romania too! and yeah fuck all of you from Romania!'
  10. By someone 'thats a horrible hairdo'
  11. By hahaha 'i love her comment though ''o god damn'''
  12. By hahaha fuking funny 'hahahah bengg'

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Porn girl chokes on big cum shot

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Porn girl opens her mouth for a big cum shot finish, but he squirts so hard she starts choking!

33 Responses to “Porn girl chokes on big cum shot”

  1. By John 'oh nasty!'
  2. By Troy 'Thats what I call a cumshot.'
  3. By randy 'funny'
  4. By jim 'good aim...'
  5. By lol 'thats not a dick its a firehose lol'
  6. By Bruce 'Better than Star Wars'
  7. By Hhaha 'Hhahaha Better than Star Wars xD'
  8. By simon 'his second job must be tactical sniper , ahaha :P'
  9. By wow 'yikes. right down the damn trachea. Never seen a chick take it there before'
  10. By William 'tactical sniper! lol'
  11. By A*star 'Anyone know who the girl is?'
  12. By Ima Prawn Star 'hahahahaha tactical sniper'
  13. By jaux 'wish i could golf like that'
  14. By smbdy 'we could name this a headshot :D'
  15. By LOLL 'hahahahaha yous guys are funny, "better then star wars" bahahaha and 'his second job must be tactical sniper" hahahah'
  16. By tactical sniper 'thanks people, I am that good hum? xD xD'
  17. By LOL 'that cumshot is NOTHING. my husband lets out a HUGE load. i swallow every last bit, shes useless just kill her.'
  18. By Napster 'WHAHAHA damn i must admit that was a good shot and she still trys to keep her pose but looses it'
  19. By militia 'i would of laughed more if she passed out but she tried'
  20. By brittney 'that dude got a little dick'
  21. By athar 'hahahaha'
  22. By sureshot 'Lol would of been better if she full on dry reached'
  23. By andres 'whats the name of the girl'
  24. By kaller 'nice shot hahaha'
  25. By bitch 'yeah nice shot'
  26. By andrews 'OMG. fuck her man ahaha.'
  27. By Ray 'Who is this girl?'
  28. By Allayna 'You've hit the ball out the park! Incirdeble!'
  29. By angel 'i am laufin sooo hard!!!'
  30. By rofl 'did she think it was pee'
  31. By Hell Yeah!!! 'Not a cumshot, a cum blast right to the gagger!!!'
  32. By lol 'Cause of death: semen in the lungs, drowning'
  33. By wingbone 'thank you beautiful sex workers'

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