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Brooke Skye blooper as priceless spoof

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Here is a quick clip of Brooke Skye trying to do a sexy strip tease but hitting herself in the face when she twirls her top off, all wrapped up in one of those X, Y, Z … priceless spoofs.

4 Responses to “Brooke Skye blooper as priceless spoof”

  1. By Raiider13 'haha look at the cat sleep'
  2. By lyle 'dumbass'
  3. By idkyo 'yeah'
  4. By Jozek 'how can I download it?'

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Beware of gas when spreading ass

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I don’t know how, but this guy didn’t miss a beat. He’s kissing and spreading her ass when she cuts a fart right in his face. He just says he likes it and keeps going!

52 Responses to “Beware of gas when spreading ass”

  1. By bobbi 'ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww'
  2. By deannasah 'Not logically'
  3. By Parania 'LoL and ooohhh yeah he likes it hehehe. by the way i found an avatar any knows the name of the movie? looks funny'
  4. By woohoo! 'nasty'
  5. By omfg 'did anyne see the green fluid come out of her ass...omg tht is sooo fuckng sickningg'
  6. By xD 'Thats fucking rank.'
  7. By ahshas 'woah eh'
  8. By woohoo ''nasty''
  9. By ugh 'i threw up a bit...yeaa'
  10. By wtf? 'ewwww and he keeps licking it...'
  11. By lbj 'i guess he went ahead and licked it clean for her'
  12. By haha 'hes sick he licked her anal juices she squirted out'
  13. By BOB 'sick! xD beware the fart! xD'
  15. By WTF 'He licked that green stuff two'
  16. By Haha 'I like it MWA'
  17. By Anonymous 'the comments were fukken funny the vid wasnt lol'
  18. By Dilopitated??? 'WTF?! Why would you still eat her ass when some foreign green space liquid was coming out of her gaping ass?!?!?!'
  19. By lol 'lucky guy yes??'
  20. By Mirado 'The best one that was sick. when he made a fart noise and then she shit it sounded the same like a ecco'
  21. By ewww 'ewwww! u can see some liquid shit pop out when she farts'
  22. By ewww 'kind of rhythmical!'
  23. By god 'that was so fuckin funny'
  24. By Haa! 'Wen she farts some of the shit hits the camera! Eww! Aahha. Nice to know he like it though...'
  25. By :P 'ewwwww! did anyone else she the green watery shit liquid hit the camera lens!!!! I just pucked a little!!!'
  26. By ooh i like it 'lmao he makes the first fart with his mouth and she follows right after with her ass. priceless.'
  27. By anymus 'He is just a professional. And it is just a job for him :)'
  28. By mike 'lol'
  29. By Monkey man '"I likeee"'
  30. By The Specialist 'from which porn is this scene? wanna see the complete video.'
  31. By Ö_Ö 'yeach !!! dami't'
  32. By youknowwho 'after she fuckin shits she clenched her asshole to hide it XD'
  33. By Mac89 'Why does he blow a raspberry in the first place anyway!?!? hahaha'
  34. By will 'ewwwww it even got on the camara lol'
  35. By 2girls1cup 'omdz that was some birdshit! lol and he speaks like borat! aha'
  36. By 2girls1cup 'omdz... he makes a fart noise, then her arse responds'
  37. By bb 'fartastic'
  38. By razr 'the asshole is farting back like his noise "pffff" xDD'
  39. By uh 'wow.'
  40. By Anonymous 'terebell'
  41. By cikano 'damnn im drinking my green apple ice blended now btw!!!'
  42. By eww 'that was nasty'
  43. By boobgirl 'ew!! poop!'
  44. By omzala 'thats fucking smell! last week this happens 2 me too! i almost trow up my grl thru window'
  45. By someone 'i seen that guy in other porns he is really WEIRD!'
  46. By hahaha fuking funny 'omg that was a litebit of shit ;d'
  47. By bob 'fucking gross'
  48. By lol 'thats some ol booty juice'
  49. By lol 'thats gross!!!'
  50. By pimp 'Bimbo .... bum eaters'
  51. By NV 'Ew, that was fuckin gross, that wasn't just any fart, it was wet, n it went down into her pussy *vomits*'
  52. By ky 'fart juice lol'

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Suicide by cumshot

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Here we have a guy enjoying a nice big titty fuck as he films it with his camera from his point of view (POV). He obviously doesn’t know the strength of his cock, because his big cum shot blasts up into his open mouth. Haha you fool!

14 Responses to “Suicide by cumshot”

  1. By John 'LOl oh man that's funny as shit'
  2. By Bryce 'lmao that was so funny!!! hope it tasted good!!!'
  3. By Bryce K Smit 'That's straight nasty'
  4. By Joe 'How come she was more disturbed by it than he was'
  5. By mark 'i had that happen, it burns your eyes bro'
  6. By shamala 'hahahah the girl : ieeeeeeuww'
  7. By Moshe 'no unusual accident'
  8. By Itzik 'looks exciting'
  9. By guy ''ah god it went in my mouth' xD'
  10. By >.> 'Thats not straight, but it is nasty.'
  11. By Melissa 'That happened to my boyfriend once. It was totally awesome. :D'
  12. By The Joker 'learn to aim fella lmao @ Smamala I heard that too and lost it lol'
  13. By NV 'ew, what a sow with jugs like that >_>'
  14. By Gary 'It's gotta land somewhere. Right, ladies? Funny when the chick went, "Ewwww!!!"'

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Brooke Skye – almost lucky

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Very cute teen Brooke Skye is sitting on another girl’s face getting her pussy eaten when she gets a little too close to the cameraman. Too close to his crotch that is. She starts cracking up and mimicking a blowjob and he’s more than willing to put the camera down and join in!

10 Responses to “Brooke Skye – almost lucky”

  1. By John 'I'd take a BJ from her any time'
  2. By OMG 'How much bloopers does she make? ^^'
  3. By lol 'hes like DUDE TAKE THE FUCKIN CAMERA'
  4. By me 'shes so fuckin cute'
  5. By vg 'she is fuckin cute'
  6. By lmao 'she can suck my 9 inches any day :P'
  7. By jojo 'is your nose so big lmao?'
  8. By Imao 'my nose is 9 inches as I said'
  9. By someone 'not funny and shes too skinny'
  10. By foust 'to skinny my ass give that bitch sum coke until her ribs turn into finger grooves.'

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Toy mishap with butt plug

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Here a cute blonde is finger her pussy hole while thrusting a butt blug in her ass, trying to make it all sexy, but it slips out of her hand and she squeeks out a little ‘oops’ before continuing her self love session.

One Response to “Toy mishap with butt plug”

  1. By cumpusher 'ummm nice an wet for me'

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