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Burping blowjob whore

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Cute little cocksucker on Revenge TV is interrupted in her oral technique with a mighty belch. Oops. I’m sure that’s real sexy, but I have to give her credit, she doesn’t miss a stroke pumping that cock. I still don’t want anyone burping on my dick though.

5 Responses to “Burping blowjob whore”

  1. By John 'Hope her pussy doesn't burp too.'
  2. By Moshe 'really funny'
  3. By Itzik 'My wife burps often after she has finished her endless convulsive swallowing to clear her throat of the scratchy aftertatste of my cum.'
  4. By Paok 'this is not sex this is burbing show... welcome to the burbing show ala of you have a sit'
  5. By ilias 'brooooookk'

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Porn girl smacks her hollow head into the camera

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Here we have a girl laying down playing with her big fake tits, looking into the camera right above her. She turns away for a second, and in that second somehow forgets the camera is there. She sits up suddenly, smacking her head right into it with a satisfying hollow thud sound. Yes … she’s blonde.

15 Responses to “Porn girl smacks her hollow head into the camera”

  1. By Porn Bloopers 'Maybe all her brains are in her titties.'
  2. By chris 'dumb bitch'
  3. By james 'i laughed my head off on this on ahahahahahahahah'
  4. By Janelle 'HAHAHAHAHHAHA so great.'
  5. By Dilopitated??? 'I agree with Porn Bloopers, and you can see her titties going "NOOOOO!" right before she hits. lol'
  6. By Headshot 'BOOM!!! HEADSHOT!!!'
  7. By cumpusher 'stupid bich i ques she was tried to rich for some nuts'
  8. By someone 'lol the funniest thing about this vid is the title... hollow head LOL'
  9. By D 'Anybody know if there's a longer vid? She's smoking!'
  10. By smitty 'Which one was her head.?'
  11. By Anonymous 'yea'
  12. By Sex 'I am hard'
  13. By Anammm 'WOW,'
  14. By alum 'Dumb slut :D'
  15. By mike 'anybody know who she is'

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Guy falls off couch during blowjob

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Who knew sex could be so dangerous? This porn blooper involves five people on a little couch. To compensate, one of the guys balances himself precariously on the back of the couch while getting sucked off from below. She must have been good, cause he loses focus for just a moment and stumbles right over onto the floor! Laughs all around on this funny porn video!

10 Responses to “Guy falls off couch during blowjob”

  1. By John 'Only a porn star would be up there to begin with!'
  2. By adam 'what a clown'
  3. By Same 'Some guy did that to me once:('
  4. By nikk 'LOL he seems like a clown'
  5. By Magick 'That was funny i love it plus the guy is hot'
  6. By Spankable 'Funny. as cam4.'
  7. By Daria 'he's definitely hot'
  8. By hahaha fuking funny 'hahaha:P'
  9. By Michael 'Sorry'
  10. By jessi 'funniest porn blooper ive seen!'

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Kitchen sex can be dangerous

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Here we have two swinging couples trying to have group sex on the kitchen counter. I say ‘trying’ because it’s damn hard to fit four people on a counter, so sooner or lately there’s bound to be problems. Sure enough, blonde #1 gives a squeek and slides right off onto the floor. The look on her face is comical!

6 Responses to “Kitchen sex can be dangerous”

  1. By Emerald 'Woot hot and sexy and funny .. good combos.'
  2. By John 'She looks a little scary to begin with!'
  3. By pclit 'I think it was too much cum on the table ;-)'
  4. By kunk 'Hey, they are speaking Czech. :D'
  5. By cumpusher 'hahaha too much cum on the table'
  6. By persian boy 'This is best blooper ever,, i love it'

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Hit in the head with oxygen tank

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What’s better in the middle of a porn scene than the girl getting smacked in the head with a falling oxygen tank? Having it happen again and again in slow motion. That’s what the video editor at Brazzers did on this gem of a funny porn blooper. Gotta be careful with those props!

52 Responses to “Hit in the head with oxygen tank”

  1. By MML 'Thats gonna leave a mark!'
  2. By Simon 'that last slow motion shot of it hitting her in the head and going "thunk" is funny as hell!'
  3. By JK 'That's a good head job.'
  4. By Troy 'That guy is pretty funny too. Wo wo wo wo'
  5. By Um 'LMFAO! Now that was funny'
  6. By Lol 'Wooowoowooowo, woowowooow,woowowow'
  7. By Nathan 'Lol he punched her in the tit first'
  8. By lol 'might dtraighten that nose out'
  9. By uh 'ha'
  10. By Teh man 'i liked that part when the tank hit her in the head...'
  11. By Anonymous 'LMFAOOOOOOO'
  12. By haha 'her giant implant blocked his hand lol'
  13. By tboy12540 'HE scooped her'
  14. By lol 'wo wo wo wo wo lol'
  15. By amin 'maybe she need some oxygen for her brain to work?'
  16. By ugh 'whahahaha'
  17. By Anonymous 'hahahahaha'
  18. By shitttt 'HAHAHAHA OMFG'
  19. By tub 'this is big head!!!'
  20. By Hhaha 'Last one was funny as hell'
  21. By 5 feet 'lol i fuking cried!!!!!'
  22. By creepingbullits82 'i laugh my mother fucking ass off. the funny part is she seen it coming....'
  23. By lololll 'hahahhahahaha'
  24. By Awesomeguy71 'Her nose is Huge...'
  25. By SexyPoo 'Did anyone notice that the guy punched he tit?'
  26. By penis 'hahah he stays in her too, like he is going to throw it off and keep going'
  27. By the dude 'i can make a song out of thunk think wo wo wo wo'
  28. By Anonymous 'The slow motion bit's hilarious'
  29. By SmokeyMcpot 'this shit if fuckin hilarious I almost pissed myself laughing'
  30. By dady420 'i didnt see that fukin'
  31. By dick face 'totaly rad!!!!'
  32. By BigDickDaddy 'Lmao How he got some tit action before he got the tank'
  33. By booby 'loooooooooooooooool realy funny'
  34. By booby 'BigDickDaddy the man was tryin his best but her boob was so big that block his hand>>another funny point'
  35. By balli 'hahahhaahh mast he yaar'
  36. By Lolworthy 'ow fuk ..... wooooowooooowooooowooooowooooo'
  37. By sirocco 'lol really funny'
  38. By snoopy 'it must've been painful'
  39. By Gettin molested 'hit that hoe!!!!!'
  40. By Bettyboop '"That one had to hurt!" Make sure thinds are tide down next time'
  41. By guy 'omg its kelly out of Misfits xD'
  42. By 2 inch dav 'that's the money shot'
  43. By aero 'lolllll what's her name please ??'
  44. By wtflmao 'the *dong!* wen it hit her head in slow motion is hilarious XD'
  45. By me 'lol'
  46. By Grill master 'her nose was there to break of the fall hahahhaha'
  47. By Vagino 'lmao'
  48. By jayjay 'does anybody know her name please???'
  49. By Time Out 'This is the call hardsex ......=))'
  50. By Uhh 'And the dude kept pumping like a pro!'
  51. By babo 'hahahahahahahahahahahaha'
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