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  • Bitch slapped with cock

    Two porn girls on their knees enjoying some cock, what could go wrong? Well, one girl doesn’t want to share. She takes that dick and swings it forcefully into the other girl’s face. I don’t think she was expecting that!

  • Glory hole mishap as girl gets sick

    Ugh look at her face – that dick must taste like shit! Who knows where it’s been?? She definitely can’t choke it down and ends up getting sick in this private porn room. Ewwwww! I hope the other Glory Hole Girlz are made of stronger stuff!

  • Gagging blowjob with snot

    Mallory’s deep throating skills are impressive. What’s NOT impressive is when she starts to gag and an explosion of snot shoots out of her nose. Ewww! This funny porn video from the Porn Pros is NOT for the faint of heart, folks. She doesn’t help her cause by scooping up her snot, rubbing it on […]

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    Girl can’t stop her asshole from laughing

    In what is now a semi famous funny porn blooper, this anal pornstar (I think it’s Zafira) is squirting something up her bunghole. To what purpose remains a mystery, but it must have tickled her fancy as she starts chuckling. To her surprise, her asshole starts laughing right along with her! The only difference is […]

  • Porn actors stumble into pool during blowjob scene

    DUDE! This deepthroating pornstar is suddenly interrupted at this shoot for Ass Traffic when guy #2 tries to cut in by pushing guy #1 into the pool, only he’s holding onto her hair so tightly that they both fall in! She seems pretty pissed! That guy won’t be getting anything today.

  • Cute porn actress loses her head during sex

    I had to watch this quite a few times before I was all laughed out. As this cute porn actress is getting banged from behind for Ass Traffic, she slowly slips down into the corner with each thrust until her whole head disappears. Make sure you watch the expression on her face as she suddenly […]

  • Long legged blonde falls right on her ass

    Poor poor Stacy. This long legged blonde is trying to model all sexy like before her hardcore shoot for All Internal. All she has on is a tie and some giant stripper heels when she starts her runway walk on the hard tile floor. After only a few steps she loses her footing and takes […]

  • Paging Dr Spider Monkey

    Is this guy on drugs? He banging this girl from behind at Electricity Play and she’s moaning like she’s into it, and he goes into his impression of a sex crazed spider monkey. Is this some sex position I’ve never heard of? OMG IT IS, I just looked it up. Ah, the things you can […]

  • Camera guy also useful as washcloth

    Miss picky notices some weird black stuff on his dick, so what does he do? First he blames his jeans, then he WIPES it on the camera man. He cries foul while she proclaims it to be awesome and funny. Personally I don’t think he flips out enough – he must be used to this […]

  • Big gloves are ok but my taint is off limits

    Dr. Sparkly from Electricity Play freaks out a bit when the director tells the girl to play with his taint. She looks pretty scared during his tirade, even with a nervous smile on her face. Soon the funny porn scene (and the taint rubbing) continues, but why the hell is she wearing those big fucking […]

  • Fart jokes are funny, even in porn

    This bent over girl is hooked up with electrodes for a scene at Electricity Play and the camera guys are making fart jokes, much to the chagrin of her partner, who doesn’t think it’s very funny, which makes the camera guys laugh even harder. I had to watch it a few times but it did […]

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