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  • Guy falls off couch during blowjob

    Who knew sex could be so dangerous? This porn blooper involves five people on a little couch. To compensate, one of the guys balances himself precariously on the back of the couch while getting sucked off from below. She must have been good, cause he loses focus for just a moment and stumbles right over […]

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    Kitchen sex can be dangerous

    Here we have two swinging couples trying to have group sex on the kitchen counter. I say ‘trying’ because it’s damn hard to fit four people on a counter, so sooner or lately there’s bound to be problems. Sure enough, blonde #1 gives a squeek and slides right off onto the floor. The look on […]

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    Hit in the head with oxygen tank

    What’s better in the middle of a porn scene than the girl getting smacked in the head with a falling oxygen tank? Having it happen again and again in slow motion. That’s what the video editor at Brazzers did on this gem of a funny porn blooper. Gotta be careful with those props!

  • Beware of film crews with dildos

    I guess the porn industry has it’s share of practical jokers too! Here’s some guy reverse fucking a girl’s mouth (what’s up with these bizarro positions anyway?) when the camera guy or maybe the director slowly approaches with some jelly dildo to his ass and he freaks out a bit. What I find even funner […]

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    April Summers gag reflex vomit

    This is a mixture of funny and sympathy. At the beginning of the porn scene she throws up in her mouth and runs to spit it out in the kitchen. (What I want to know is, who the fuck are those people just sitting at the table during the shoot?) She should have just quit […]

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    Jim Slip’s dick hit by cactus

    I don’t know who had the bright idea of putting a cactus in a porn shoot, but it is only just that Murphy’s Law strikes with a vengeance. They’re both naked, with the cactus plant between them, when it’s knocked over and hits Jim Slip right in his dick. Ouch, dude! He drops the camera […]

  • Now this is a firehose cumshot

    Poor girl, she probably just wants this whole thing to be over, but this isn’t the ending she was expecting. With a few handy jerks, his cock rips out a stream of heavy cum that flies everywhere, including in her hair. Whoops!

  • Bitch slapped with cock

    Two porn girls on their knees enjoying some cock, what could go wrong? Well, one girl doesn’t want to share. She takes that dick and swings it forcefully into the other girl’s face. I don’t think she was expecting that!

  • Glory hole mishap as girl gets sick

    Ugh look at her face – that dick must taste like shit! Who knows where it’s been?? She definitely can’t choke it down and ends up getting sick in this private porn room. Ewwwww! I hope the other Glory Hole Girlz are made of stronger stuff!

  • Gagging blowjob with snot

    Mallory’s deep throating skills are impressive. What’s NOT impressive is when she starts to gag and an explosion of snot shoots out of her nose. Ewww! This funny porn video from the Porn Pros is NOT for the faint of heart, folks. She doesn’t help her cause by scooping up her snot, rubbing it on […]

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    Girl can’t stop her asshole from laughing

    In what is now a semi famous funny porn blooper, this anal pornstar (I think it’s Zafira) is squirting something up her bunghole. To what purpose remains a mystery, but it must have tickled her fancy as she starts chuckling. To her surprise, her asshole starts laughing right along with her! The only difference is […]

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