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This is what happens when you force a blowjob

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It’s generally not a good idea to force a woman’s mouth on your dick. For some reason they tend not to like that, as this guy finds out when she spits and curses at him before swallowing more cock. I don’t think that was in the script!

8 Responses to “This is what happens when you force a blowjob”

  1. By hahaha 'yeah...fuck u fuck u'
  2. By The Specialist 'cute! :D "fuck u!!" does anyone know from which porn this scene is?'
  3. By qwerty 'funny how she said fuk u and then she started sucking his dick again'
  4. By lolololllll 'fuck yew!'
  5. By FATASSMISTER '@qwerty this is how girls should be.'
  6. By Watching4LoL 'pfhhh, fak yu... yeh fak yu fak yu... what an english xD'
  7. By fu 'they use scripts in porn now??!!'
  8. By Informer 'Pretty sure this is from Lili & Anika's spermswap'

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Bitch slapped with cock

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Two porn girls on their knees enjoying some cock, what could go wrong? Well, one girl doesn’t want to share. She takes that dick and swings it forcefully into the other girl’s face. I don’t think she was expecting that!

27 Responses to “Bitch slapped with cock”

  1. By John 'blooper: no, outtake: maybe'
  2. By SheepGuy 'Now that was fucking funny!'
  3. By bobo 'HAHA i replayed that like 10 times and had to show someone else'
  4. By ass 'haha lol'
  5. By simon 'Can anyone ID the girls or the movie?'
  7. By funniest 'shit ever . replayedlike a millionTimes'
  8. By Peter Chao 'Im peter chao.and IM the good. This is THE god too.'
  9. By :P 'I jsut wonder what was going threw this girls head? what makes you go from blow job to dick slap??'
  10. By EPIC 'that was fucking epic it's hillarious like hell'
  11. By lol 'hilarious'
  12. By HAAAAAA 'omg, that is some funny shit right there'
  13. By lol 'headshot biatch :D:D'
  14. By wdwd 'did anyone else notice her biting his dick'
  15. By jazz6582 'cant stop laughing played it 4 times someone should put that on rude tube'
  16. By Tits 'Shelby Belle the slapper, Amy Lee Richards (sweet amy lee) the slappee. Both from montreal.'
  17. By Entity '(PETER CHAO LEARN ENGLISH!) Absolute lea fucking cock swinging face slapping shock her! [;-)'
  18. By biffy 'not funny'
  19. By Jobo 'what movie is this from?'
  20. By 36dgirl 'i guess she dont like 2 share;]'
  21. By aaaooo 'haha wats gooba. takein it hard'
  22. By taji 'sexy'
  23. By narc 'classic take that bitch'
  24. By hahaha 'talking about getting dick slapped hahahaha'
  26. By hahaha fuking funny 'hahahah so funny'
  27. By The Joker 'oh snap that was fvckin funny'

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Glory hole mishap as girl gets sick

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Ugh look at her face – that dick must taste like shit! Who knows where it’s been?? She definitely can’t choke it down and ends up getting sick in this private porn room. Ewwwww! I hope the other Glory Hole Girlz are made of stronger stuff!

28 Responses to “Glory hole mishap as girl gets sick”

  1. By WTF 'now thats fuked up fo real nigga'
  2. By Hellll no 'That dick is ugly >_<'
  3. By steve 'oo fuck'
  4. By josh 'that cant b a human dick'
  5. By laughing 'nasty but funny maybe she likes the taste of pussy better ?'
  6. By simon 'what kinda mismade horsedick is that....'
  7. By well 'i kinda feel sorry for that girl'
  8. By lol 'Well look at her stomach!! She's pregnant that's why.'
  9. By lmfao 'wtf did his dick smell lol'
  10. By Wow 'you'd think she would be used to smelly dicks'
  11. By IKE 'hahaha i feel sorry for her lol'
  12. By William 'Thats A Fuck'n alien dick!!!!'
  13. By lmfaoaoaoaoa 'hes dick really stunk wash your dick before you stick it in someones mouth!!!'
  14. By violet 'shes definitely pregnant! wtf why is she doing porn prego.... thats horrible and now she gave a smelly dick head.. who knows what he has'
  15. By 420l24l7 'lmao she was pregnant. What a fucking whore.'
  16. By becca 'im pregnant lol and i have never had this problem with my man. wash yo dick muthafucka'
  17. By chancie 'thats fukn sad lol'
  18. By Shaun 'Wash your dick fag, would you want to eat a nasty tasting pussy?'
  19. By Bettyboop '"what the fuck?"'
  20. By LOL :) 'HAHAH WTF that dick look like is has down syndrome.'
  21. By im a 'wtf is she doing ewwwww fuck me y dont yee'
  22. By totempole 'That's bigfoots dick!'
  23. By tehlolz 'alien penis. jeezas fukin crise, that penis was poo'
  24. By cumshot 'if you cant handle the dick get out of the stall'
  25. By YeahFriend 'Her first must not be black cock'
  26. By stacee 'did the bitch go into labour ?'
  27. By Noodles 'That last dick was sooo damn ugly >.< eww'
  28. By adadada 'this veryy funnyy muhahahahaha'

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Sexy anal scene becomes wet farting nightmare

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I think this was supposed to be sexy, LOL! After this guy cums in her ass, she pulls her cheeks apart to let the jizz come out. Yeah it comes out, but with a lot of wet farting. Hahahahah WTF funny porn vid!

59 Responses to “Sexy anal scene becomes wet farting nightmare”

  1. By hahaha fuking funny 'ahahahahhaha come on baby thats nice whuahwuahwuha'
  2. By 10 times 'ef you watch it 10 time you will still laugh haha 10 times ......'
  3. By lulu 'OMFG! lmfao'
  5. By wow 'awesome'
  6. By Anonymous 'i want fuck in er ass'
  7. By The Joker 'omfg bwahahaha'
  9. By ass lover 'damn i luv it whn girls fart itx damn sexy thn i wanna fuck her till she bleeds'

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Gagging blowjob with snot

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Mallory’s deep throating skills are impressive. What’s NOT impressive is when she starts to gag and an explosion of snot shoots out of her nose. Ewww! This funny porn video from the Porn Pros is NOT for the faint of heart, folks. She doesn’t help her cause by scooping up her snot, rubbing it on the cock, and then proceeds sucking it like it’s no big deal. If you’re like me, right now you’re half between mouth open shock and half grin laughing at this messy porn blooper. I don’t know if I can watch it again… but I must. OMG! Just as bad the second time LOL. After shooting 6000+ exclusive videos, I guess you can expect a porn blooper or two!

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