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Sexy anal scene becomes wet farting nightmare

September 20th, 2015 | by Porn Bloopers | 159,279 views

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I think this was supposed to be sexy, LOL! After this guy cums in her ass, she pulls her cheeks apart to let the jizz come out. Yeah it comes out, but with a lot of wet farting. Hahahahah WTF funny porn vid!

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59 Responses to “Sexy anal scene becomes wet farting nightmare”

  1. By pclit 'fartastic !'
  2. By Troy 'This fart is endless'
  3. By Special K 'Would have liked to see her face reaction. Hilarious!'
  4. By Jim Morrison 'Yummy'
  6. By lol 'hahahahahahaahahahahahaha omg...hahaaa!!'
  7. By moneyman 'ahaha wtf'
  8. By lbj 'must have been a good ass fuckin'
  9. By WTF : / 'holy shit cant stop laughing'
  10. By WOWZERS 'WOW that was an epic fart. XD'
  11. By thatoneguy 'wow is all i can say'
  12. By simon 'dahm.. its somekind of lost symphony'
  13. By BOB 'the most epic fart I've ever heard 10/10'
  14. By robbie 'hahaha 10/10'
  15. By JD 'I don't think it's a regular fart but it's from pushing air in there while fucking.'
  16. By mpb_1 'perfect fart^^'
  17. By Anonymous 'lol at last fart..'
  18. By lmfao 'ahahahaha wtf was that hahahah'
  19. By IKE 'hahahaha wtffff'
  20. By William 'I think I'd rather watch two girls one cup....'
  21. By bobi 'fantastik.vry nice.i like it,'
  22. By hobster 'she can breath out of her ass !!'
  23. By bry 'wtf lol thats a long ass queef'
  24. By einstein 'fart machine'
  25. By bezd 'cool, fartograph'
  26. By waster 'fart machine: feed it and it farts for you! i want to feed it!'
  27. By Sir Fartalot 'Fantastic! That is sooooo sexy!!'
  28. By Loveit 'whos the girl?'
  29. By Zurtu 'It's Roxy K. alias Roxy Reed (Romanian b*tch). It's Episode 46 from Asstraffic ! What a nice girl farting all the way while pushing the cum out... Looks like she has a lot of gas to evacuate'
  30. By hakan 'ohhhhh i want to smell it.'
  31. By bigb jon 'funny shit'
  32. By LOL 'hahahahahahahaha'
  33. By Steve 'my girl friends sister did that when i reamed her ass, feels good when you stick your cock in it when she farts'
  34. By anıl ':P :D'
  35. By lmfao 'Boom. Headshot.'
  36. By Jobo 'what movie is this from?'
  37. By Spankable 'Sounds fake.'
  38. By dumbass robby 'fuckin lmfao'
  39. By Gostof 'He fucked the living shit out of her'
  40. By madprogresser 'dude he said 'THAT WAS NICE!' strange little man...'
  41. By misterweird 'that is messed up'
  42. By sexy 'wtf'
  43. By dude 'wtf just wtf'
  44. By CocO 'Hahaha:)'
  45. By OMG 'she farts louder than a elephant ^^'
  46. By y2j 'hahahahaha funny'
  47. By K ONE 'CHAOS!! HAHA! :)'
  48. By Anonymous 'NOT ROXY'
  49. By c one 'beeeeeeeeurk hahah'
  50. By funneh 'LOL OMG'
  51. By hahaha fuking funny 'ahahahahhaha come on baby thats nice whuahwuahwuha'
  52. By 10 times 'ef you watch it 10 time you will still laugh haha 10 times ......'
  53. By lulu 'OMFG! lmfao'
  55. By wow 'awesome'
  56. By Anonymous 'i want fuck in er ass'
  57. By The Joker 'omfg bwahahaha'
  59. By ass lover 'damn i luv it whn girls fart itx damn sexy thn i wanna fuck her till she bleeds'

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